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Solace in Business has been helping organisations to recruit the highest calibre of Chief Executives, Directors and senior managers for nearly 20 years. Our exceptionally experienced team of professional advisors, plus our trusted networks, give us unrivalled reach and insight across the public and private sectors.

We support clients throughout their recruitment project, offering a market-leading combination of search, selection and assessment. The breadth of our experience – combined with our values-led approach – mean that we are trusted to deliver high-quality recruitment outcomes for even the most challenging posts.

In a crowded marketplace, it’s worth looking at how our distinctive approach adds value at every stage of the project. From the outset, our quality sets us apart: at scoping stage, clients often remark on our knack for building open, authentic and professional relationship with officers and Elected Members, and our refreshing ability to discuss strategic and policy issues at the highest level.

When we’re reaching into the market, our search capability is second to none, because we only employ professional headhunters with exceptional networks and years of relevant experience. Our access to Solace Policy Leads and Boards enriches our sector intelligence, with unique access and insight on current challenges and thinking in the sector.

By the time we meet candidates on your behalf, we do it face-to-face, not by telephone, because it’s about understanding candidates as fully as possible. And we’ve long set the industry benchmark for final process, with professional, qualified assessors who have the expertise and experience to design tailored evaluation exercises and produce useful, clear and concise reports.

For further information please contact the team by calling 0207 976 3311 or email steve.guest@solace.org.uk



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