Total Leadership: The development programme for high performers

The range of personal career development options for high-performing senior executives in public service is extensive. And it can be hard to distinguish between them.

But if you aspire to get to the very top tier of influence and decision-making, you need a leadership programme that sets itself apart from the mainstream – one that’s more comprehensive, more searching, more informed and more credible.

After two very successful years, we are now recruiting for the third cohort of Total Leadership. This unique development programme is open to aspiring UK leaders, both within the public service sector itself and in organisations which work collaboratively in that space. Participants will already be operating at senior executive level in this increasingly complex environment, seeking a stretching programme to perfect and future-proof their leadership approach.

One of our participants said: “For me, the key learning was about being more mindful of impactful behaviour – thinking like a chief executive, checking how I work with politicians, and building my intelligence networks.”

This programme is designed by professional development specialists Solace and INLOGOV to provide ‘kite-marked’ bespoke leadership development opportunities, carefully blending the latest cutting edge academic theory with practical skills and knowledge, together with unique insights from high-profile speakers. The programme is uniquely tailored to the particular needs of senior executive professional leaders within UK local government and commercial organisations within the public service space.

As you’d expect, our facilitators and guest speakers are of the highest calibre, and you’ll have a unique opportunity to engage with some of the most eminent people in public service on a ‘small-group’ basis. Moreover, the relationships you’ll build with fellow participants, both from local government and its associated commercial partners, will be invaluable in your subsequent career.

To find out more,download the programme brochure here or email to arrange an introductory conversation.




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