Taking space. Taking stock. Taking control.

Everyone can benefit from targeted and timely support with their career. In fact, seeking such support what often distinguishes those who are actively focused on achieving their full potential, from those who are content to let external factors determine their career path.

Whether you’ve just embarked on a new and more stretching role, outgrown your present position, or want to reassess your professional direction, we’ll start by determining your unique career profile and ambitions. That way, we can suggest the best techniques, programmes or events to help you achieve outcomes such as:  

• Leading yourself and your team more effectively
• Building confidence in your judgement and decision making
• Managing the political and managerial interface
• Increasing personal resilience
• Strengthening your relationships and networks
• Broadening your knowledge and “know how”
• Having greater influence
• Stepping up to play a bigger role
• Working with complexity and ambiguity
• Working without a blueprint
• Knowing when to seek support of others
• Putting your curiosity to work

Sometimes we’ll suggest just one targeted and time-limited intervention, such as one of our workshops or symposia; in other circumstances, you may choose a technique which helps you to reflect and clarify your options, such as a series of confidential ‘sounding-board’ conversations with an independent coach or mentor over 4-6 months.

To find out about the support we can offer you or your organisation please call us on 0207 233 0081




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