Organisations that lead places.

With budgets permanently reduced, increased localisation, and a general recognition that collaboration is essential, there’s never been a greater need for systems leadership and influence across public services. So how does the 21st century public servant behave? What is the current and future need for leadership in a mixed economy of provision? And how can better leadership underpin a legitimate claim for integrated control of local public services?

We believe that the present moment offers a rare opportunity to build local leadership credibility and capacity, building a cadre of local leaders trusted and admired not only by their communities, their partners and staff, but also each other. And if this new paradigm of local leadership is to succeed, decision-makers throughout organisations need to embrace full range of political, strategic, managerial and community facets of leadership.

So it’s essential that leadership development becomes a creative part of your strategic plan. We can help you identify where enhanced leadership will deliver maximum impact, and what techniques can bring the most enduring benefit to individuals and their teams.

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