SOLACE Foundation Focus Group - Supporting Sector Research





This focus group, hosted by SOLACE Foundation, will look at how to support the sector’s current research activities.  The session will explore a variety of themes, initially starting with the following key questions:

(i)            How do we best make the case for ELPM, both amongst our own members, and for local and national politicians?

(ii)           How do we set higher standards for the research that we undertake ourselves, and improve our skill set to move the whole sector towards a good practice approach?

(iii)          How do we separate out the ‘soft lobbying’ research that all agencies undertake, eg when bidding for resources, from the hard research that makes a real difference?

(iv)         When we undertake research, how do we ensure that it is about the right thing at the right time?  How do we coordinate our research efforts, so that we are not duplicating the same sort of work all around the country, and so that results are available in time to make a difference?

(v)          And lastly, how do we make it easier for us to search for and locate relevant and timely research findings that we can trust?

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