Free Workshop: Cost of Cuts Social Impact Tool


26 Nov 2015


Joseph Rowntree Foundation
89 Albert Embankment




Joseph Rowntree Foundation would like to invite you to a workshop introducing their new Cost of Cuts Social Impact Tool, designed to help councils manage budget cuts effectively. With the Comprehensive Spending Review due on 25th November, local authority budgets are likely to be tighter than ever, and there is no better time to begin using this tool.

The tool comes out of a major research project funded by JRF which explored the implications of local council savings over the past five years and analysed the impact on poorer groups of service users. The tool is free to use and accessible online.

At this workshop, the research team who designed the tool will demonstrate how it works and how it can help councils assess how their savings plans will impact different service users.

This free event and offered to you as a Solace Member and we hope you will recommend this tool to your Policy Officer, Finance Officer and research colleagues within your local council organisation, for whom it is designed for.


Please register today with Sue via If you would prefer to pass this information to a member of your finance team they would be very welcome to attend either with you or in your place.