Seminar - Local Growth Global Links


11 Mar 2014


Church House Conference Centre
Dean's Yard




Presentations from the event can be seen below:

David Cook, Chief Executive Kettering Borough Council: Miyagi Prefecture, Resilience, regeneration and reconstruction. See presentation here.

Dr. Dave Smith, Chief Executive Sunderland City Council: Creating economic opportunitities through international engagement. See presentation here.

Rob Gorton, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd: Derbyshire and Toyota, the twinning partnership. See presentation here.

The full event write-up can be seen here.

Solace and the Japan Local Government Centre (JLGC) have a joint seminar entitled Local Growth, Global Links. The event brings together leading Chief Executives, LEP members and business leaders to share their experiences for building partnerships outside the UK to build local economic growth. Using Japan as the case study, speakers share the benefits that have been brought by working with international business in the UK and building links with regions abroad.

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