Solace Masterclass: Personal Resilience


17 May 2016


The offices of Bevan Brittan
Fleet Place House, 2 Fleet Place
Holborn Viaduct



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Aim of the event

Resilience is emerging as the seminal skill for leaders. The one constant in our working lives is change. Our operating environment is continually changing and we are having to adapt and respond to new situations on a daily basis. We need to support our teams and workforce and help them to adapt to a sometimes difficult working environment and an uncertain future. How do you remain calm and cope under pressure – whether it is an organisational crisis or when staff are on the verge of a melt-down due to pressure of work and deadlines! This masterclass will hear from speakers who have direct experience of operating in a high pressured environment and how by implementing strategies, you can look after yourself and your team!


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Arrivals and Refreshments


Welcome and Introduction to the Masterclass
Chair: Judith Barnes, Partner, Bevan Brittan


Welcome from Bevan Brittan
Speaker: Judith Barnes, Partner


Personal Resilience: What every leader needs to know 
Resilience is "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties- otherwise known as 'bounce back". Just imagine how it could be if you as a leader, your managers and staff developed a different capability to handle problems and change. This is possible using 'Energy Intelligence'. Claire Chidley, author of "Energy Intelligence at Work- a New Leadership Theory" shows us how we can stay balanced and on focus to repel the slings and arrows of outrageous bounce forward into a positive future not bounce back!

Claire's talk will look at the Energy Intelligent qualities leaders and managers need as well as some useful techniques to stay healthy and energised.

Speaker: Claire Chidley, Solace Associate and Director, Create Tomorrow Today

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Refreshment Break


Personal Resilience: Zurich Muncipal case study
As a large global organization, Zurich’s knowledge and grasp of leadership issues will bring a valuable perspective and contribution to the day. Andrew will share examples of the work Zurich is undertaking in their internal Leadership Programmes.

Speaker: Andrew Jepp, Director of Public Sector, Zurich Municiipal

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Questions and Discussion


Chair's Summary