Solace in the South East - 21 & 22 April 2016


21 Apr 2016


DeVere Venues
Sunningdale Park, Larch Avenue



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‘The Future Belongs to those who Prepare Today’

The sheer scope and scale of the issues we face around the future structure of local government, the changing financial environment, or providing affordable housing for our communities can keep even the most resilient leaders awake at night.

Step outside your concerns for the future and instead come and prepare for them!

Expert speakers will share their knowledge and help you develop new skills to ensure you stay agile and adaptable and fully equipped to meet the future with calm confidence. Spend time out with colleagues who truly understand the leadership challenges you face as we share and learn from our experiences, seeking t manage our way through an unprecedented time of increasing demand for services in the midst of unprecedented cuts.

Seminar Programme 

Thursday 21 April 2016 


Registration, Refreshments and Networking


Welcome and Introduction to the Seminar from Solace South East

Speaker: Annie Righton, Consultant, Righton Associates


Opening Keynote

Speaker: Mark Rogers, President of Solace and Chief Executive, Birmingham City Council


'Nudge, Nudge – How to get the challenging decisions made by changing behaviours’ 

Many of the greatest challenges in public policy can only be fully addressed by changing the behaviour of the citizens and communities we serve.  Local planning, building new homes, Climate change, poor economic growth, obesity and crime are just some of the problems that need action on the part of our political leaders, the public as well as from local government. But  do we  know enough about how to influence behaviour; and in particular, do we know the most appropriate ways to engage  our communities so they consent to—and participate in—decisions that are made about them?   This interactive session facilitated by Gerry Stoker, will explore the issues around nudging behaviour to embed sustainable change.

Speaker: Professor Gerry Stoker, Professor of Politics and Governance at the University of Southampton

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'Castles in the Sand' 

The focus on tackling the long-standing, indeed now endemic, housing supply crisis has risen up the list of issues we all worry about.  Building enough homes, at the right time and for the right price, is one of the great challenges facing the country. Housing supply, choice and quality underpins economic prosperity and is fundamental to creating resilient, confident and sustainable communities and it is our responsibility to drive the creation of places developing locally appropriate and integrated solutions. This session will explore the leadership challenges we face and consider whether the national policy changes in the government’s Housing Bill will support our endeavours or whether perceived good intentions will actually turn out to have very different consequences.

Speakers: David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation, and 
Lindsay Todd, Chief Executive, Radian Housing

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Pre-Dinner Drinks 
Location: Northcote House



After Dinner Speaker: Sarah Pickup, Deputy Chief Executive, Local Government Association

Friday 22 April 2016 


For Residential Delegates only:
Breakfast from 07.00, Check-out by 9.00


Welcome and Introduction to Day 2

Speaker: Annie Righton, Consultant, Righton Associates


'A new model of District Council service delivery - How effective collaborative working can deliver real results'

5 Councils have come together to re-shape the way District Council services are delivered. More than just a shared services model, this session will explore some of the challenges and successes in collaborating to achieve a new model of service delivery for District Councils.

Speakers: Kate Powell, Solution Architect, Capita Local Government, Health and Property Division, and Patricia Hughes Joint Chief Executive, Hart District Council and Chair of Solace South East

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Governance in the new world - are we in this together? The Sepp Blatter guide to devolution

Devolution, integration, shared services, new service delivery models, the changing language of local government points to the changing norm of leadership.  We are increasingly working across organisation and geographic boundaries, with the focus on local public service leadership, and the inevitability that the local government environment of the future will be very different from the one we live in today.  This session will explore the latest thinking, and challenge us to think about the impact this will have on the way we work, and what skills and behaviours will we need to develop as public service leaders to ensure new models of governance really do deliver a difference in the real world.

Speakers: Jess Studdert, Deputy Director, NLGN, and 
Paul Shevlin, Chief Executive, Craven District Council 

To download the presentations please click on the following links;
Paul Shevlin
Jessica Studdert


Refreshments and Networking


‘The Energy Intelligent Leader-How to Boost Organisational Resilience’

Why are some places bursting with energy? They have high performing, motivated staff moving from success to success whereas others are ‘cruising in neutral’. They produce brilliant results through their use of Energy Intelligence (ENQ).
Other places are toxic, full of staff who are drained and dispirited, going through the motions as if they are sleepwalking!
How can you operate your council to have high ENQ?
Author of ‘Energy Intelligence at Work-A New Leadership Theory, Claire Chidley explains how. She will also introduce the concept of Energy Intelligence and its ‘Baker’s Dozen’ of leadership traits, to help you energise and ‘power up’ yourself and your staff to improve teamwork, motivation and performance with the added benefit of being more resilient.

Speaker: Claire Chidley, Solace Associate and Director of Create tomorrow today

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Closing Keynote: 'Delivering more with less.....facing the financial challenge'

Speaker: Ben Page, Chief Executive, IPSOS Mori

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Closing address and summary: Chair’s Summary


Seminar ends with networking Lunch