The 2015 Postal Savings Summit - Multiple Dates / Venues


15 Sep 2015






Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your critical communications whilst driving down costs at our series of seminars across the UK throughout the autumn.

Join industry experts at this series of free professional seminars to help public and private sector organisations make their critical communications more effective through technology, driving better response rates and reducing postal costs.

With seminars in Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and London we hope you will be able to find a convenient venue.

At each event, Critiqom CEO Neil McCallum will set the scene with an overview of the industry before introducing an interactive Hybrid Mail demonstration which outlines how different departments can consolidate outbound communications to maximise efficiencies and cost savings. Having experienced multiple implementations over the past ten years, James McCulloch will discuss what Hybrid Mail actually is and how it can be deployed within an organisation to streamline outbound departmental communications.

You will hear about the use of frameworks used in buying postal goods and services from an experienced Chief Procurement Officer and Commercial Director, David Thomas, who has held senior roles in both the private and public sectors. During his career he has been Non-Executive Director of the Government Procurement Service and a Crown Commercial representative. He has also led large procurement organisations in FTSE 100 companies, HMRC and National Grid Transco invariably at times of significant corporate change.

Before an open Q&A session, former Royal Mail Partnership Director, Chris Sutton will discuss the current drive towards the Mailmark product and how this can be used to better track mail as well as reduce costs.

Each seminar has a slightly different focus but will cover the main developments within the industry. Please take a look at our schedule of events below and register today.


Glasgow – 15th September 2015, 9am – 11am

How to save £30,000 in 30 days

It’s time to claw back your share of the postage savings on offer in today’s market. This seminar uses a real life case study to demonstrate exactly how you can make a these savings in this year’s budget.

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Leeds – 17th September 2015, 9am – 11am

Get a better response rate from your outbound communications

Learn how to effect powerful cost-savings, increase compliance, reduce risk and improve results by streamlining your critical communications. 

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Newcastle – 22nd September 2015, 9am – 11am

Maximising postal discounts in an increasingly complex market

Exploring the various charging mechanisms in place and how to maximise your postal discounts across an entire organisation.

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Birmingham – 24th September 2015, 9am – 11am

Driving down the cost of transactional print and mail in urban areas

See how industry leading transactional print and mail houses are maximising postal discounts in urban areas. 

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Manchester – 30th September 2015, 9am – 11am

Using a procurement framework to reduce your mailing costs

Moving from in-house to externalised services cuts out substantial expense (software, training, real estate, consumables and postage). 

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London – 1st October 2015, 9am – 11am

How to consolidate postal spend from different departments through Hybrid Mail technology

Just think how much you could save on your corporate communications by merging the output from every part of your organisation.

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