You want people who’ll love your challenges. Start with us.

The Solace Group is the home of public service leadership. And in an environment where talent and leadership have never been at more of a premium, we can help you find the exact mix of ability and experience you need.

Solace in Business, the Group’s commercial arm, comprises two teams: Executive Recruitment and Interim Management. We’re one of the most respected and successful resourcing specialists in local government, with a track record that speaks for itself. Grounded in core public service values, with our senior team having spent the major part of their own careers in local government, we operate on a ‘profit-for-purpose’ basis, reinvesting all surpluses used to further the wider work of Solace.

We believe that ours is a qualitatively different offer. Our extensive insight and rich experience, the strength of the wider Solace family, and our reputation as trusted brokers within public service all combine to give our clients exceptional confidence and added value. So whether you’re looking for support with a permanent appointment or a short-term interim solution, Solace in Business can help.

For more information, please do get in touch via

Email: resource.centre@solacein.business

Phone: 0207 976 3311




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