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As well as those used in the weekly Solace News email for members, articles and blogs written or contributed to by Solace staff and Board members for external publications including the Guardian, Local Government Chronicle and Municipal Journal are republished for browsing on this page. 

A number of these can be accessed through the Solace Guardian Public Leaders Network Partner Zone.

Getting to grips with the new regime for disciplinary action against Statutory Officers – 0

A guest blog by Sarah Lamont, employment law partner, Bevan Brittan LLP

One of the most difficult issues that councils can face is taking disciplinary action against, and potentially dismissing, a statutory officer i.e. the Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer or Chief Finance Officer (s151 Officer).  

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GDPR and Digital Transformation – 0

From BT

Giving your people the tools they need to get the job done improves productivity and helps you deliver better and more efficient public services. But new technology can also mean new security threats you might not be aware of, that stop you achieving GDPR compliance.

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My 2018 Housing wish list – 0

By David Cowans, Group Chief Executive, Places for People

2018 is here, and with it a fresh opportunity to boost our national housing supply. Last year, the Government announced £44 billion in measures to deliver around 300,000 more homes a year. It was a step in the right direction, but as the Chancellor stated, there’s no one single solution to the housing crisis, and we need to look at more than just the numbers. 

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Managing a Major Incident – 0

By Frances Woodhead, Partner, Bevan Brittan

Inquiries – whether in open session or behind closed doors - are established to address significant public concerns about major events in order to learn the facts of what happened as well as lessons for the future.


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Transforming customer service with Automation – 0

By Martin Ruane, Programme Director, ENGIE

Digital technology has become a commonplace part of our daily lives; we track our steps, log our food, and communicate with our friends and families through apps. This casual acceptance of technology and the speed that it brings to our everyday transactions means that citizens expect to interact with their council services with the same ease.

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Childhood foundations, transition and progression in adulthood – 0

By Jayne Vose, Regional Operations Director, Yorkshire & Humberside at Prospects

Life-long local skills, careers and employment strategies are required that look to the short, medium and long-term joining up all stages from early years to higher education and labour markets to produce strong employment outcomes for those young and old.

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Improving outcomes: the importance of leadership, systems and commissioning – 0

By Mark Rogers, Past President, SOLACE and Executive Director, Collaborate CIC

The lead up to the SOLACE Summit always feels like a good moment to carve out a modicum of thinking time and to strategise for the programme ahead. As the cliché goes, we frequently find ourselves consumed by the urgent at the expense of the important. Reflection is too often confined to those fleeting moments of solitude when we are showering/gardening/walking the dog/undertaking the supermarket run.

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Is yours an Intelligent Council? – 0

By Neil Wholey, Head of Evaluation and Performance, Westminster City Council, Chair of LARIA (Local Area Research and Intelligence Association) and Deputy Solace Spokesperson on Evidence Based Policy

There are a huge range of opportunities for local authorities to use robust evidence to inform decisions. Our workshop at the Solace Summit will explore the idea of an ‘Intelligent Council’ with the aim to set out what an excellent evidence based organisation looks like. It will cover issues as diverse as big data, social research, consultation, scrutiny and service transformation. 

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Care leavers need corporate parents too – 0

By Alice Frank, NLCBF Manager, Catch22

The National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum is overseen by Catch22, Catch22 works at every stage of the social welfare cycle to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.  

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Understanding 'community wellbeing': a recent masterclass – 0

By Judith Barnes, Partner, Bevan Brittan LLP

In the context of reduced funding and increasing demand for services around 40 SOLACE members came together to consider how to build strong, sustainable, cohesive communities and a healthy, skilled workforce to support local inclusive growth at a 'Masterclass' event, hosted here at Bevan Brittan.

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