Why join Solace?
Solace is the UK representative body for managerial leaders working in the public sector. We are committed to promoting public sector excellence.

Solace members can access learning, development and networking opportunities through attending our seminars and conferences, contributing to our policy work and mentoring schemes and receiving member-only knowledge resources.

We publish statements, articles, reports and consultation responses and undertake influencing activities in order to ensure that the debate around the future of public services and related items of legislation reflect the expertise and experience of our members.

Who is Solace Membership for?
Solace membership is for anyone interested in the leadership and management of local public services. Our members range from those taking their first steps in their career, to those seasoned leaders still learning and sharing their learning with others.

The vast majority of our members work in local government some occupy positions in health and social care organisations, police and fire authorities and central government departments. We are a non-political, pan-public sector, UK wide representative body.

What are the benefits of Solace Membership?
Network: Meet with other Solace members through participating in our policy events and working groups and mentoring scheme, getting involved in your regional Solace branch or attending our regular events.

Development: We offer a range of master classes and training courses on emerging policy agendas and the skills required to lead effectively in the public sector as well as mentoring, exchange and shadowing opportunities. In addition, our articles, reports and guides offer innovative recommendations and learning on a range of policy areas as well as practical counsel on a wide array of leadership issues.

Representation: Share your views on the issues that matter most to you with colleagues, sector leaders and our strategic partners by responding to one of our surveys, calls for evidence or contributing to our policy reports and other products, representing the sector at meetings with government officials or other stakeholders.

Support: The Solace network offers its members a wealth of experience and knowledge which can be accessed through a variety of tools including our mentoring scheme and confidential advice service.

To join Solace membership you can call us on 0207 233 0081or email us

If you are an existing Solace member and wish to log in please click here.

Please note that SOLACE and ALACE are quite separate organisations (although we work closely together and have many members in common). SOLACE is a professional society; ALACE is a trades union. Membership of one does not bring with it membership of the other. If you are also interested in joining ALACE, click here.

We must continue to support each other in our leadership challenge and to truly celebrate what is great, innovative, inspirational and life-changing about working in public services and particularly local government.
Martin Reeves
Past Solace President & Coventry Chief Executive
Local government is officially the most efficient part of the public sector.
David Cameron
Former Prime Minister
Solace is an important source of innovative public policy ideas and research for local government.
Tom Riordan
Leeds Chief Executive
I enjoy getting things done. My philosophy is the edge, the edge of something. There's where we have to go in local government, in not only the philosophy but the creativity in people around you. They have to go to the edge.
Richard M. Daley
Mayor of Chicago 1989-2011
Solace is an invaluable voice in the ongoing debate about the future of our public services- working to ensure that policy is shaped to reflect the experience and expertise of senior local government managers and embodies the spirit of public sector excellence.
Stephen Hughes
Former Birmingham Chief Executive
There is no nobler sphere for those who have not the opportunity of engaging in imperial politics than to take part in municipal work.
Joseph Chamberlain
Mayor of Birmingham 1873-76 & Cabinet Secretary for Trade 1880-85, Colonies 1895-1903
Solace seminars and conferences provide vital learning and networking opportunities for public sector professionals from across the UK.
Elma Murray
North Ayrshire Chief Executive
Local Government has a key responsibility in shaping places- connecting the unique and distinctive capabilities of our areas with the opportunities of an ever more inter-dependent world.
Barry Quirk
Lewisham Chief Executive & author on public leadership
I couldn't have applied for my current job without the experience I gained through my time on the Solace Springboard scheme. I owe Solace a big thank you for that.
Elissa Rospigliosi
Strategic Development & Transformation Officer at Dacorum Borough Council