Innovation and Commissioning Network

Solace's Innovation and Commissioning work is led by Sandy Hopkins, Chief Executive of East Havant Borough Council.

Across the country, councils are changing their role in service provision to become strategic commissioners. Huge reductions in funding are driving a comprehensive reappraisal of how councils can still secure the right outcomes for their communities. This involves rethinking how to define need; encourage innovation; engage citizens and communities; design and source services; and manage a complex web of operating models, contracts and partnerships. The Innovation and Commissioning network brings together experts and practitioners interested in strengthening commissioning and sourcing practice and sharing learning.

As well as leading the development of Solace's guidance and advice on innovation, commissioning, sourcing and procurement, the network will be working to influence national policies and standards.

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Activist Group: supporting the Solace Innovation & Commissioning Network

"Helping local authorities to be confident and effective at commissioning the outcomes needed for their communities and citizens."

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