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Walk Tall – Being a 21st Century Public Servant E-Book Launched

The Local Government Association (LGA), Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (Solace) and Public Services People Managers’ Association (PPMA) are excited to announce the launch of Walk Tall – Being a 21st Century Public Servant.

The e-book is a collaboration between all three organisations, Shared Press who curated and produced it, and Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan from the University of Birmingham who developed the original concept of a 21st century public servant.

The eagerly anticipated e-book will be launched at an event in Birmingham on Friday 15th July.

The challenges and opportunities public servants face today are diverse and complex, meaning people need to be passionate about what they do, skilled and confident in how they do it and excited, not daunted, by the constant cycle of change, innovation and changing levels of demand.

Seen as ground-breaking, the University of Birmingham research identified the different roles and characteristics of 21st century public servants and generated high levels of interest and debate.

Responding to this, the LGA, Solace and PPMA commissioned Shared Press to prepare an e-book to provide a bridge between the academic research and the day-to-day activities of the people and organisations they represent, who are seeking to bring the research to life.

Shared Press interviewed over 60 public workers for the e-book, encouraging them to tell their own stories and demonstrate the best of what is done, day in and day out.

The e-book is free and can be downloaded here.

Please contact Trudy Birtwell by either email or via telephone on 0207 976 3311 for additional information.

In line with the Walk Tall theme and as a creative approach to representing the diversity of the local government workforce, contributors were invited to take selfies of their shoes.



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