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Statement from Solace on our response to the Government's Housing White Paper consultation

This is a statement from Martin Swales, Chief Executive of South Tyneside Metropolitan Council and Solace Spokesperson on Economic Growth and Housing on Solace’s submission to the Government’s Housing White Paper consultation:

“In submitting our detailed response to ‘Fixing our Broken Housing Market’ White Paper, Solace believes that housing delivery and affordable housing supply stands as one of the major social challenges that the country is facing. Our 2015 Policy Paper ‘Addressing the National Housing Challenge’ made ten key recommendations to support tackling this issue.

Solace welcomes recognition of the fundamental role of Local Government, as the development of locally appropriate and integrated solutions is vital to addressing housing demand and supply. Local Government acts as both a direct provider and as an enabler of private and social housing.

Solace will continue to work with Government and our partner organisations to drive housing development across the UK.”



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