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Solace and Shared Press are delighted to announce the publication of Holding Up The Mirror, a unique collection of stories about post-truth challenges in public life.

Grant Thonrton

Solace and Shared Press are delighted to announce the publication of Holding up the Mirror , a unique collection of stories about post-truth challenges in public life. The book and video stories includes opinion pieces, first-person narratives and fiction (that’s very close to home) that reflect both the hope and the gritty realities of work in public service. The stories cover topics ranging from: telling truth to power, dealing with the London Bridge terror attack, working with the Trans community, the EU referendum and generating income.

Jo Miller CEX Doncaster Council and Solace President says; “In these strange, post-truth times it feels harder than ever to find the space to think, question and talk to each other about what we do and why we do it. That’s why stories like these are more important than ever. It’s more than about support, learning from each other and sharing our triumphs and challenges; it’s about having space to think. The stories are written by senior managers and the people who will take on our roles in the future, many from our successful Solace Springboard programmes. 

Don’t ever tell me that our sector lacks creativity; innovation, risk taking, vision and purpose leap out of these pages – balanced by the pragmatic realism of the everyday grind. This is us – and these stories contain some of the ideas that will continue to make what we do relevant and even more important than ever over the next few years.” 

Dawn Reeves, author, story facilitator and ex-local government director, initiated the project and co-curated the collection. She says, “Post-truth in this book isn’t just alternative facts and fake news. The stories speak of uncomfortable realities that we don’t talk enough about. It isn’t about appealing to emotion rather than rationality, but it does illuminate how it feels to work in a sector under threat, dogged by doom and gloom narratives and yet relied upon to deal with issues at the heart of public and private life in the UK today. It’s honest, challenging, hopeful and inspiring by turns.”

Including 32 stories from 26 different organisations, the publication was sponsored by Grant Thornton UK LLP. Guy Clifton, head of local government advisory at Grant Thornton, says, “We were delighted to be involved in the Holding up a Mirror project and associated book.  This really resonated with us because we recognise the importance in telling stories; in terms of how people learn, communicate and as a signifier of the culture of an organisation and of a place. Local government has a key role in creating a vision for place and stories told by local leaders can significantly contribute to how successfully this vision is communicated.”

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