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12th July 2019

International Election Observation

Solace in Business in partnership with David Kidger Associates Limited have a call off contract to provide Election Observation Monitors for International Elections organised through the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, (ODIHR) which is a part of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Although referring specifically to Europe the 57 countries within OSCE stretch from USA to Kyrgyzstan and we have undertaken Missions in many of them.

We are always looking to expand the number of Observers and recruitment is always open. A Short-Term Observer tends to be on the Mission for about a week and although not paid, observers should never be out of pocket. The benefits are tremendous in that Observers get to parts of countries which they nor tourists would ordinarily go, with a driver and an interpreter, and observers can honestly say that they have made a very positive contribution to democracy.

Members of Solace, Chief Executives and Senior Managers will tend to have all the attributes of observation, – analytical skills, ability to take a balanced view and to report succinctly and without bias -, that are needed on Missions. There is perhaps also some kudos to the Authority if their Chief Executive is selected. There is a great deal of information on the ODIHR web page

If you have an interest, please drop a note to who will provide you with further information. Please go direct to David rather than to the Office.